Thursday, July 09, 2009

What is that smell?

So I get into the car yesterday and I am overwhelmed by ... well.... gag. Terrible, stinky, smelly, something has died in here awfulness. Now - I have suffered from trash car syndrome since - well, since I have had a car - and this terrible trait of leaving things in the car has passed from me on to my children. MOST of the time - we are taken over by paper - school papers, notices, receipts, crap from my purse that I really don't need, but shoved it into my purse until I am about to get out of the car and go somewhere, so I grab a big handful of the crap back out of the purse, lay it on my seat and say I will throw it away later. SOMETIMES there is the unfortunate incident of the left over fruit snacks that have fallen to the floor and have now become one with the carpet fibers, or when the kids were younger - the dreaded sippy cup of milk or formula that slipped out of toddler hands and rolled under the seat when I slammed on my breaks when that S-O-B cut me off!!!

Yesterday - the car was already heating up like an oven even though it was only 8 AM. The odiforousness of the mystery product was so overwhelming that I couldn't even focus on my morning sing-a-long with the radio. I pulled over for some gas, got the pump going, then took a deep gulp of air as I ducked my head into the back seat hunting for the menace. Papers, water bottles, hot wheels, broken sun glasses... trash, trash, trash, trash..... and there is was......

On Monday - two days prior - Max had a science experiment at Summer camp - they made "ice cream". They were supposed to put the creamy liquid in the freezer and enjoy it's cold vanilla goodness - not allow it to bake for 2 days in the 100+ degree oven that I call my car to become some cottage cheese gelatinous stinky goo.

It is here that I wish to thank the good people in quality control at Ziploc and the amazing teachers at his camp for using name brand baggies for this "experiment". Thankfully - his project was well sealed in his baggy and NONE got on my car seats. I finger tip to finger tip picked up the nastiness and threw it away at the gas station.

I drove to work with the windows down to air the car out.