Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mommy note

Because this is the closet thing I have to a baby book.....

Ben... First tooth....gone...today.

That is all.

Allright... A little detail... Your tooth had already come in it's entirety, and still that little booger held strong. You got off the bus today and it was perpendicular to the otter teeth, so I suggested that you get a paper towel, stand in front of the mirror, and PULL!

So you did.

And you had the most excited bloody smile!

Kinda zombie like.

You asked to go to bed early. You hoped the tooth fairy would bring you enough money to buy a drum set.

You are now upstairs trying to go to sleep, asking your brother how much he got the first time.

We are sitting downstairs hoping you go to sleep before we do ...so as not to kill the fantasy so early in your childhood!