Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ben's Pre-K Graduation

Ugh... my baby.... my angel... my little one is heading off to kindergarten. He was so serious last night. Heading to the ceremony he could barely smile - "Hurry, hurry - we can't be late!!" Then once there, He was not that kid that smiled and waved to his family - OOOOHHH NO!! He was very attentive, hit every mark, sang out loud, and marched to and from his designated spot with military accuracy. Then afterwards, I was trying to get a picture with him, and he kept trying to manipulate my hands to do something - "Mommy (ugh-verbal sigh) MOMMY!! No! You gotta do this...." I then realize he is trying to do the handing off of the diploma pose! So freaking cute!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May day! May day!

Good golly, Almighty.... May.... what the hell.... or hay (if we want to turn this post into a seussical post...get it? get it?!?!)

I am gonna ramble here, cause this more of a, you are such a bad mom that you can't remember crap, so make sure you blog about it here so you can read it later and say, SEE?!?! SEE?!?!? I remember... you were "x" years old when you did "y"!

My little soccer player. Thought for sure he would give up and whine about all the running by the second practice (mostly because that is my history with the sport)but nooooo - he loves it - he doesn't even want to quit when the ball hits him the face. He actually runs after the group , gets in there and gets dirty in the dog pile situations, and kicks it hard... clear accross the field. I have to say, I am quite proud.
He lost his first tooth last month - Easter weekend. He was playing with it and playing with it, but no luck falling out. He lost it in his sleep. He woke up Saturday morning with blood on his pillow and the tooth in his mouth - thank GOD he didn't swallow/choke on it! In all the hullabaloo of the Easter weekend festivities I actually forgot about it when he went to bed that night. I was trying to rush him to bed and he was wandering all over the place and I yelled, "GET TO BED!" .... "But, Mommy, I have to get the tooth ready for the tooth fairy!" A sudden rush of "OH CRAP!" fell upon me and I raced to my wallet praying for cash - which I never have. Luckily the back-up fairy for bad mothers slipped cash into my wallet to cover for the tooth fairy.
Max got insane allergies this year. First time for him. He was out 3 Tuesdays in a row - once for eyes swollen shut, once for asthma so bad that resulted in breathing treatments every 2-3 hrs, then the last Tuesday he was throwing up all over the place, which I think was related to all the medicines racing through his system.
His dual language schooling is going along swimmingly.... he has even gotten to the point where when he is talking to me about things that happened in school or conversations he had with his teacher, he has to tell it to me in Spanish because he is telling it so fast it is easier to speak in Spanish.

I was so gonna finish this post - but I didn't.... butt he next post is about his graduation... so scroll there....