Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ben's Pre-K Graduation

Ugh... my baby.... my angel... my little one is heading off to kindergarten. He was so serious last night. Heading to the ceremony he could barely smile - "Hurry, hurry - we can't be late!!" Then once there, He was not that kid that smiled and waved to his family - OOOOHHH NO!! He was very attentive, hit every mark, sang out loud, and marched to and from his designated spot with military accuracy. Then afterwards, I was trying to get a picture with him, and he kept trying to manipulate my hands to do something - "Mommy (ugh-verbal sigh) MOMMY!! No! You gotta do this...." I then realize he is trying to do the handing off of the diploma pose! So freaking cute!!

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jtrimom said...

LOVE the pics! He's sooooo cute :)