Friday, February 19, 2010

A call from school...

I just got a call ... from Max's school....
Is he sick? NO!
Is he hurt? NO!
Is he dead? HE IS GONNA BE!

...ring ring...
This is Rebecca!
Yes, Max... is everything okay?
Uhm, yeah... Mommy... at 12:00 , uhm ... well.. at 12:00 the fair, Mommy, it's over.
Yes, honey - I know - the book fair is over at noon today.
But mommy - I really want the book and the pointer and the....
MAX... we have talked about this - SEVERAL TIMES. You are not going to be able to get something this time. You get books all the time... your room is full of books...
BUT!!.. BUT!!!
MAX! NO!... Angel - I made this very clear - I am sorry you are not able to get something this time.
(.. whiny whimper....)
MAX.. listen to me very carefully... I DO NOT want to hear that you gave Ms. Rodriguez any problems today because you were upset about this.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? If I hear that you cried, whined or acted in a bad manor in any way over this you will lose all TV and Wii privileges for the entire weekend!!! Do you hear me?
Yes, Ma'm.
I love you... now go back to class.
Yes, Ma'm, I love you, too....


I cannot believe that child had his teacher call me for this........I cannot believe he annoyed his teacher so much that her only recourse was to get him on the phone to me.....nice.....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ode to Joy!!

The following Muppet moment of happiness is brought to you in honor of ME - PASSING my EC-6 Generalist Test!! Whoot whoot!! For those of you not in the education/teacher world - this is the test that I have to pass in order to be eligible to teach children in elementary school.

I have to say it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to study, stress over, and complete. Studying for over a month - a couple of hours a day, most weekends - then sitting in a test that took me 2 hours to complete and 1 hr to review. Hard, stressful, and now.... DONE!!!! These are the first steps in a very difficult road of transition for me... a very deep, powerful, emotional road of transition.

I am no where near the end of this road. In fact, I am merely on the corkscrew part of the yellow brick road out of munchkin land - ya know the part where you think you are walking in circles and just when you are about to give up because you are dizzy, the road gets a little clearer and straighter... but oh how it stretches so far out in front of you.... yeah - that is where I am right now. I am clearing my head from the stress of these first steps and trying to re-group so that I can make each step forward a positive and productive one.

But tonight... we celebrate ... we celebrate these first successful steps forward: