Thursday, June 09, 2005

The 1st's are over...

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The 1st's are over...
the 1st night without him,
the 1st week,
the 1st month,
the 1st Father's Day,
the 1st time I walked into his closet and could smell his cologne still on his clothes,
the 1st birthday he missed,
the 1st time I visited his grave after the funeral,
the 1st time I answered, "Really, I am okay..." and meant it,
the 1st time I heard his favorite song on the radio and cried,
the 1st Thanksgiving,
the 1st Christmas,
the 1st time I dreamt about him and he looked the way he looked before he got sick,
the 1st tax season I actually had to do my own taxes,
the 1st birthday card without his name on the card,
the 1st time my mother said, "Really, I am okay..." and I believed her...
...the 1st year is over...
To see what a great guy my dad was, visit here and click on the "play movie".


Becky said...

Becky Mae - Sorry that the day is almost over before I found you, but my thoughts are with you in this particularly difficult time. I'm glad you shared the video -- it did give me a glimpse into your relationship with your dad.

Bekah said...

Becky -

I watched the! What a wonderful tribute.

Thinking of your during this time.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful movie. I cried.
My prayers are with your whole family.
Love & Light,