Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My first Interview....

Well.. close to it... actually no, not my first interview now that I think of it, but my first blog interview... anyhoo.... Becky - not me - another Becky Blogger (April Fool) - offered to ask interview questions to readers on her blog after she answered some interview questions on hers, so here were my questions:

1. You were in NYC for 9/11, how do you think that being there affected you differently than from the rest of us that watched it on TV. Has it made you more scared, more concerned about security, etc?
This is hard, because I do not want to lessen any one's feeling towards that day because I know it was hard on everyone - but truth be told - I am not sure how anyone who was not there could possibly understand what it feels like. I guess it is very similar to people who have experienced the death of a loved one and being approached by someone saying how sad they were when good friend's dad died. You kind of shake your head, accept there good thoughts/intentions, and realize that they didn't know what they said because there is no way they could know what they said. Now having said that - I cannot even claim the amount of fear and grief as those that were in those buildings or lost loved ones who were. I will say I have never felt terror more than that day and the days that followed.

But at the same time - this along with other life altering events like our house fire when I was in college or the death of my father, has brought a peace of this too shall pass. I do not fear my own death, in a fight or flight situation, I know that I am a fighter, and I know that no amount or diplomacy and no amount of guns can protect me from people who have decided that my safety and my life and the life of my family are not as precious as their beliefs. I know we will be attacked again, I pray that I will be with my children and family, and I am always thinking of disaster plans of how I am going to get to my children in the event that something as large scale as 9-11 happens near me. I ask my daycare what their disaster plans are even though they shake their heads at me.

2. Since you recently applied for a theatre teaching position, what would be the only play or musical that you'd want to direct?
Ahhhh.... very difficult one... there is no ONE play/musical that stands out. I have a list of several that I have my own vision of. One thing that I have struggled with in my journey of "to teach or not to teach" has been that most of my interests tend to fall on the more controversial side of the art, "Rent", "Angels in America", etc. I will say that I have a passion for original works. I have a passion for the process of creating something from nothing, working together to sort the good from the bad and present it to an audience who has no previous history with a piece and watch them discover it, love it, hate it, whatever.....

3. If you'd had any girls, what would you have most likely named them?
Well... I am not sure if the ship has completely sailed into the sunset on whether or not a baby girl could possibly bless our family, but we have a couple of options. I actually love the idea of naming a little girl Brooklyn (where my husband is from) and her nick name would be Brooke or Michaela (after my husband who is Michael).

4. If you were to escape from your current life for a week and your family/friends wouldn't even realize that you'd left, what would you do, where would you go (and yes, time travel counts)?
Just a week? Well, yes if it was without my family and friends I would not be happy much more than a week to myself. Right now, I would love to go on a spiritual adventure, something retreat "find my inner soul"-esque, yet not just sitting and meditating. Like - jump into and become a character in the "Celestine Prophecy". I want to go someplace by myself, look at a beautiful mountain, climb it, then find out my purpose of how I am part of the mountain and what good I could do to make the mountain better for everyone else.

5. Is there a food that you hated when you were younger and now really enjoy?
Somehow when I was young, I confused cranberry sauce with beets, so I avoided it like the plague. It wasn't until my first Thanksgiving with my husband when we were having a conversation about how sweet and jello-y cranberry sauce was that I re-thought and tried it again. Now I cannot have a turkey dinner without it!

This was very thought provoking and fun to do, so I would love to play interviewer for anyone interested. Leave a comment and I will Barbara Walters you into crying over what kind of tree you wish you were!

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