Thursday, June 11, 2009


And for dessert .... 4 fireman and 2 paramedics served hot and fast with flashing lights.....

So last night we sit down to dinner, nothing exciting.... fresh frozen veggies over pasta - NO SESAME seeds ( which I have been tested for and I am allergic to). Mike leaves - takes the kids to get haircuts. I start to feel an allergic reaction coming on - the itchy tingly reaction and I think - great - here we go again - WTF?!?! So I grab the children's benadryl - because it is in liquid form - take 50 mg worth and start to try and distract myself from scratching my skin off. I head to the packages of everything that was made for dinner to read the ingredients and make sure there were NO SESAME seeds in any of it. I then decide to walk around the house and just do stuff - anything - just not scratch or panic. I am standing at my grandfather clock winding it up, when all of a sudden I get this incredibly hot flushed feeling and everything swells - a reaction I have never had before. I turn around and look in the mirror and see that I am red as a lobster and my eyes are swollen. I start for the phone to call Mike, but then think - if I pass out, Mike will not know what is going on - you need to shoot yourself with the epipen first. So I head to the bathroom - grab the pen - and by this time my mother has called me (for no reason whatsoever, just a coincidence). I put her on speaker and I am trying to read the pen, but my vision has gone blurry and my throat is closing - all I can hear is my mother repeating - shoot yourself and call 911 - shoot yourself and call 911- over and over and over.

I finally shoot myself- I don't feel a thing, so I am certain I did not do it right, I call 911. The next thing I know - 6 fireman/paramedics are in my home hooking me up to all sorts of things, giving me oxygen, yadda yadda. I am shaking like a leaf and I ask them what is wrong and one of them says,"Did you just shoot yourself with this?" and I said yes and he that is it. Mike comes rushing home to a fire truck and ambulance in the front yard. By this time the pen has started to work and the symptoms have started to plateau - so I refuse the ambulance and go to the ER with Mike.

The epipen - not feeling a thing - part .... well - once everything calmed down - I saw that needle is about an inch long and my leg/thigh was throbbing and bruised because I punched so hard - so clearly what ever was happening in my body had taken over and I did not feel the pain of the shot at all at the time. Max did his part to "heal" me - he noticed me looking at the boo boo on my leg in the mirror and said - "I know, I know - I am gonna get you a bandaid - is a Transformer alright?" further calming the situation and taking the script from his mommy he starts cooing - "Ooooooh, mommy - look - it's a bumble-bee one - you like bumble-bee transformer, don't you?!!"

So - I have made my 3rd trip to the ER - for food allergies - each time getting a little more exciting than the last. So for those of you that are around me - please note - if while we are eating I start swelling up like Martin Short in that horrible B movie where he gets stung by a bee - please go into my purse and stab me with my epipen - I give you my permission......apparently, I won't feel it.

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