Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lean on Me....

So was that the President's address on healthcare reform last night or the national multi-network airing of "Lean On Me"? Did anyone else get the feeling like Congress High School was getting their ass whooped by the principal last night? All I could think of was Principal Joe Clark and his bat - "People - things are broken and they will be be fixed - come hell or high water, they will be fixed!" The Republicans sitting there with their looks and glares like the slacker kids that have no ground to stand on (remember - the ones being thrown out in the beginning if the movie?) Hollarin' out, acting all cool, when the truth is... everybody knows better.
Once again, as an adult I was appalled, and as a lover of human nature and avid people watcher, I was fascinated!!!!! I was appalled that adults had sunk so low as to act like their teenage children and grandchildren in front of the most powerful person on the world - rolling their eyes, twittering on their cell phones, making faces. It was embarrassing.
Now I am not - let me repeat - I am NOT sitting here on some liberal high horse drinking kool aid and saying right wing politicians should all burn in hell - I think all politicians should burn in hell - I think the whole thing is one big game and the balance of power rests on a terribly thin hair stretched over a gully, being held by pieces of tape. One wrong move and that hair line balancing act comes tumbling to the valley of death, filled with the feeding frenzy of CNN, FOX, & MSNBC field reporters - not to mention religious zealot picketers, maniacal socialists, and every other extremist who "knows" their way in the only way.
I do not like politics. I do not like the game. But I am conscious that things have gone horribly wrong and are spiraling out of control like the tornadic swirl of water from the bath tub goes down the drain. Well folks, there are parts of our society that are quickly going down the drain. And I honestly - HONESTLY BELIEVE - that President Obama wants to stop that. I truly believe that in the core of his being he is recognizing that things are wrong and someone has to stand up and say - STOP! I am not saying all his ideas are right or wrong... I am not saying any one's ideas are right or wrong. I am begging, pleading for reason.
The LEFT / RIGHT.... YES / NO.... MY SIDE / YOUR SIDE crap has got to stop.

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