Monday, April 19, 2010


Napalapsy: (Nah-puh-lap-see)multiple meanings

1. The inability to wake from a nap
2. Similar to narcolepsy, but less severe and more commonly suffered within the general population
3. The uncontrolled desire or need for a nap; eg: Dear Boss, I must leave work right now, I am suffering from napalapsy!

Origins: original author - Max, age 7.

Max comes to wake mommy from a nap in order to get ready for the rest of the days events. He is having trouble stirring her from her un-expected slumber in the middle of the day. The following conversation occurs:

Mommy - wake up! Mommy - we gotta go!! MOMMY!!
(grrr, snort, moan .... deep sigh, stretch)Oh, pumpkin, mommy is sorry - I am having a hard time waking up, I am suffering from narcolepsy.
Mommy, what's napalapsy?
Uhm - napalapsy is exactly what mommy is suffering from and now her new favorite word, THANK YOU!!

So, go forth, my peeps - and spread the news - there is a new word in our vocabulary, and it is good.....


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Brian said...

Love the pic of the pup. Captures the moment, (nap), beautifully. :)