Saturday, October 01, 2011

Because I said I would

I am kicking this day's ass!!! This incredibly glorious first day of October, and I laid it flat on the mat, sucked every ounce of life out of it and earned my night's sleep tonight!

I started it at 5:40 - yes, you read that right, 5:40 ...AM.... on a Saturday. Took my mom to the airport, came home, cleaned the pool, got the kids ready for soccer, coached my little Pele(s) as they bent it like Beckham and I cheered every "GOOOAAALLLL!" with just as much enthusiasm as the infamous announcer (whose name I have no clue). Then it was shopping, lunch, shopping, more shopping, coming home to do some Martha Stewarting for our Halloween decorations, only to realize I needed to go back out again to do more shopping in order to accomplish my crafty projects for the evening, crafting, dinner, crafting some more and now.... Blogging....again... two days in a row!!!!


I am so sorry - I am falling asleep while typing ...wait... Perhaps I didn't kick this day's ass.. Perhaps it kicked mine....

But that is okay, because it is Fall!!!! It was a beautiful day! I accomplished a lot, had a damn good time with my hubby and boys, and I am now looking forward to the roller coaster of events that started today and will end right as January begins. This is my *GO* time. This is the time I wait for all year. I freaking LOVE IT!!!!

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