Sunday, October 15, 2006

A baseball cap

So God played a little trick on me this morning. I decided to go for a walk before getting ready for my day. I played mental games with myself for about an hour before kicking my own ass out the door for my walk. It was only little muggy and damp outside, so I trudge on. About 5 minutes into the walk, a very light drizzle starts to tickle my arms and the back of my neck. No problem - no one got hurt by a little rain. Moving and grooving along...then just about the time I get to the track to really hit the pavement - pouring rain. Hard, wet, thick drops - millions of them. I convince my self I am already here - I am already wet - just keep going. I am halfway through my walk, completely drenched, and tired of wiping the hairspray laced raindrops out of my eyes and I decide to cut this walk short. About 15 paces before the turn to either go home or continue the workout, it lightens up - we are back to the light tickle. I look up, the clouds are lightening, I decide to make the turn to continue. God then laughs really hard - so hard He is crying - all over me again. I laugh back and keep moving and grooving to "Unwritten" on my CD player.

"Feel the rain on your skin - only you can let it in!"

... next time I will wear a baseball cap to keep some of the river of old hairspray from my eyes.

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