Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So I made a bunch of holiday cookies this year. The other night, it was time to ice the cut out Christmas cookies. The entire time I made the cookies, Max was determined he needed to help me. Every 5 minutes he would walk into the kitchen..."Did you call me mommy? Did you say my name? Mommy do you need my help?" I promised him I would let him know when I needed his help and sent him off to play.

Well... now was his time to help. And he took it soooo seriously. He got is chair, arranged his sprinkles, cleaned up the area he was going to work in. I sat next to him. He would pick the cookie shape, tell me which color to ice it with and then he would decorate the cookie. When he was done he would present me the cookie and say, "Is it bootiful, mommy? You like it?" to which I would always reply..."Oh baby, that one is perfect!"

Ben - on the other hand - had a different approach to the cookies. He wandered up to the table and saw what Max and I were up to and wanted to join in on the fun. SO we made some room and called for Daddy to come help as well. Only after decorating the cookie, he would present it to me then take a bite out of each cookie.

Well Daddy thought it would be so great to teach the kids to decorate like that "Cooking guy" (Emeril). "You gotta do this....(he grabs some sprinkles and throws them on the cookies)... BAM!!" Of course the boys squealed with excitement.... and started throwing sprinkles E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E......

...the cookies turned out great...wish I could say as much for my kitchen.

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