Sunday, December 03, 2006


Full.... very full.... good full.... happy full... but full.
That was my life this weekend.

Friday - my assistant called out with the flu on the busiest day of the week, during the busiest time of our year, and on a day that I was hoping to leave early to prepare for one of the busiest weekends of the season.

Friday night, make it home late, throw my hair in curlers, make a 45 minute trip to my sister's to drop my kids off. Finish getting ready at her house, rather than obtaining the latest Oprah curl hairstyle, I walk out with a Darryl Hannah from Splash type hairdo and travel over an hour to a party we are 2 1/2 hrs late for.... walk into the party and am welcomed from behind by "Todd Steven" (the husband half of the hosts) who grabs my hair in his fist and greets me with "S-e-x-y hair bi-ah-tch"... which was the effect I was going for in the first place. Drank too much orange vodka before even tasting the first food since 12:00 lunch and made it home and in bed by 2:00.
Saturday - Woke up around 8:30 to husband browning the meat for the sauce for the party WE are catering that evening. Ate a bowl of cherrios (which would be the last time I would sit down until 10:00 that night) and headed off to Walmart for last minute things. Made a menu (between, Mike, myself, my mother and Sam's wholesale club) that consisted of the following:

Sangria, Wassail, Coffee, Sodas, Wine, Beer

Shrimp cocktail, Cheese cubes, Chex Mix, Peanuts, Pretzels

Main Menu:
Green Salad, Spinich Lasagna Rolls, Cheese and Chicken tortellini in an alfredo sauce with ham and peas, sausage & peppers, greens beans with bacon, onion & mushrooms, garlic bread

Cheesecakes, various cookies

It was wonderful, but by the end of the evening my body was literally cramping from exhaustion.

Sunday - 10:30.... my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, sent from heaven above children.... slept until 10:30...we were lazy until lunch time when my 2 year old, Ben, stood up, turned the TV off, placed his hands on his hips and said...
"I wan... I wanna.. ousside!"
"You want to go outside?"
So we went outside and put up all the Christmas decorations on the house. It was about time... I was pretty sure my 4 yr old, Max, was going to blow a gasket every car trip home when he passed other houses and said, " Mommy... we have to put Christmas out... SANTA IS COMING!!!" We went to get dinner while daddy finished up outside and I said tonight would be a great night to put a fire in the fireplace and he said, "Oh, NO!!! Santa will catch fire!" After assuring him that TONIGHT was not the night that Santa would be arriving, we lit the fire, had a picnic in the living room and watched a movie....

... and now I am so tired I want to throw up....

...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

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