Monday, July 02, 2007

It's a home

It's no longer a house being renovated, it is a home. Now... don't get me wrong. The boxes will never end... but the essentials are where they need to be and the rest will come in time.

Four months later, we have torn up the downstairs floors (approx 1500 sq feet of tile and laminate), put down new laminate wood floors, took down a wall between the kitchen and breakfast area, put wainscotting around the breakfast area, new backsplash in the kitchen, new granite counter tops in the kitchen, guest bath, and 1/2 bath, and painted every wall in the entire house excluding the utility room and a couple of hallways.

My dearsest loving husband - thank you so much for "going with" all my wild hairs and grinning and bearing it, even though you are going to need knee surgey now (another post)

Opa Jim - You will NEVER - EVER - know how thankful we are for all you have done to help us! We would never have been able to accomplish these huge tasks without your guidance and direction (and loving push to get Mike going in the right direction).... thank you, thank you... thank you..... and thank you, Oma Linda, for sharing him!

Mom - I have cherished this time we have had to plan, play, shop, demolish, paint, decorate, and garage/estate sale shop. Thank you so much for your loving push to help me keep motivated on those days I wanted to keep it as a great storage place, rather than find the energy to make it a home.

Pictures to come...I promise.....

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