Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is it just that simple?

To be happy or not to be happy? Is it just that simple?

I find myself in a funk lately. Very much like walking around with clouds surrounding me and rain falling on my head, hairspray getting into my eyes, my make-up running, my clothes drenched and cold, feet squishing, then I slip on the floor and yell at it, really REALLY loud... because it is all the floor's fault!!!! Who put the floor under my feet, when they knew my feet would be squishy, and I wouldn't be able to see because my make-up was running and hair spray was stinging my eyes thanks to all this rain!!!!

Now I know there are songs out there that joyously sing the praises of dancing in the rain... happy happy joy joy... so is it a conscious decision? I know I can't control the rain, or at least parts of the rain I cannot control. But can I control how I choose to view the rain? Is it that simple?

Is that healthy? Is it okay to just change my mind and decide that I want to be happy and dance in the rain vs. yell at the floor and anyone who dare near me? I don't think it is healthy to pretend I am not sad or angry, cause I am. Do I think I need to figure out what is making me sad or angry, yes. But when you find out the answer, you can't necessarily control the rain.

Oh I am bored with myself..... just go to the tool bar and click next blog....maybe they will be more interesting.....

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