Monday, June 04, 2007


So we were evicted from my mother's over the weekend. My sister moved into her place since she sold her house and her new construction house won't be finished until August/September. Our house is far from complete, but it is liveable. Perhaps living in the chaos will help to motivate us to finish the last projects we have to do.

I got to take a bath this weekend. It is the first "bath" I have had in close to 10 years. I have not had the luxury of a bath tub for waaaaaaaay too long. I used to live for my bubble baths with candles, wine and music, but my living arrangements over the past few years has not been able to accomodate "me time" in water so hot I am beet red for an hour after getting out. As I laid in the bath on Saturday night, I actually felt myself coming back. I was able to open my mind and relax and enjoy the moment was GREAT!!!

Our biggest headache....the pool. Ya know.... it's sounds great. It always sounds ideal to have your very own pool in your very own back yard, but let me tell you, it can be a nightmare. After several pool guys, a polaris, new filters, and a losing fight with the home warranty people, we finally were able to enjoy our pool this weekend:

I have to was AWESOME!! It felt like we were on vacation. It was great to be able to play in the pool after working so hard in yard all day. It was so much fun to have my children's complete and full attention. It was amazing to watch my husband turn into a child himself and play with his kids. It made all the heartache worth it. The worst part was the absolute meltdown when it was time to get out. The boys were so exhausted that the tears could not stop. We stripped off the wet bathing suits, showered them and got them into their night clothes without one stop to the crying. My angels at their dinner and completely zoned out from exhaustion.

So much more to do, but I am going to enjoy these hot days and nights in my pool, so for those of you close enough to enjoy it with us, close your eyes as you walk through the main part of the house that is in shambles, and I promise you will forgive us as soon as you get to the back yard and I pour your margarita.

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