Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1st Field Trip

My baby, my first born, my angel-love boobulah, Max, is going on his first big boy field trip as I type. He is getting on a big boy bus without mommy and daddy and going to Chuck E Cheese's for lunch.

When I realized that he was old enough for his class to be included on the field trips, I was talking to the ladies at the front desk and told them he may not be able to handle the excitement. He may have a heart attack the first time he gets on that big bus. He has wanted to get on that bus since he could speak. Everytime we passed it on our way into school, I would tell him that when he was a big boy it would be his turn to ride that big boy bus. Well, that day has come.

He kept coming into my bathroom this morning, "Mommy, hurry... you have to get ready faster.... my friends are waiting for me...HURRY!!!" Now let me tell you, this little morsel of information is summer's version of calling Santa to skip our house at Christmas. Any mis-step or whine or cry is quickly corrected with a "Do I have to tell your teachers you can't go on the field trip?"

.... they grow up so fast.......

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