Friday, June 08, 2007


f&%k, s*&^%, son-of-a-b*^%4, mother f*^%ing, a&%$#le,....

Whoa, whoa, whoa....

What's the problem?
I'm mad, that's the problem... I'm mad at YOU!

No you're not

You're mad... but not at me.
Well I'm mad.

You didn't want this job.
Yes I did.

No you didn't, you wanted a job.
Same difference!

No... big difference.
Look... I'm mad, I'm sad, I wanted this to be easier, thought this would go differently than this....

You are not mad, your are disappointed, and I understand, but I said my plan, my time.
I know but I'm not real good at this.

I know you are not, that is part of the lesson.

So I didn't get the job. And I knew I wasn't going to, I had a dream that clearly told me, "we went with someone else". The associate principal was very polite and complimentary on the phone, "You interviewd great, and if I hear of any openings inthe district, I am definitely going to forward your information....blah blah blah..." Now, I cannot blame them. They are green, barely open for a year, and they want someone with experience - high school teaching experience - not necessarily theatre experience.

Ahhhh... pissy pants....

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