Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Black holes do exist

I know they do.

They are at the transportation department of our local school district.

I have been leaving messages in what appears to be bottomless pits that lead to lack of responsibility and no ma'm that is not MY department.

I have finally sucked myself out of one of the black holes to receive an answer.

Well, ma'm - no students were there to be picked up so the route was suspended.

Uhm, no --- we were informed of the arrangement on Wednesday afternoon - we were on the curb Thursday morning... (I have the pictures to prove it!!)

Well, the bus will be there tomorrow.

So will we, I guess.

On Tuesday, Max in all his 5 year old wisdom said - Well, mommy, life just doesn't work out that way - school buses don't come all the way over here for just ONE kid.

Oh yes they do baby - and they will - Mommy will see to it!!

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