Thursday, September 04, 2008

I am a stalker

I have officially become a stalker.

Two days ago, I stopped after school in hopes that I could meet the bus driver and find out why they won't stop at our house in the morning.

Yesterday, I am advised that there were issues, but, bus would show tomorrow.

Today - no bus.... at least I hope there was no bus, because if it was that asshole who zoomed pass our house and didn't even hover his foot over the break this morning, I don't want my kid on that bus.

So we wait - no show - of course - take kids to school.

Mommy - why are you stopping(parking) the car?
Because Mommy wants to wait for the bus to come here.

I walk Max to the front door, then I head around the corner to the bus drop off. I walk up to a very nice PE coach with an official looking clip board and pen and some sort of form with numbers that he checks off, that I can only assume would be the numbers of all the different routes that have come in that morning....

Excuse me.... has the ### shown up this morning???
Uhm, ... (consults clip board officially) no, ma'm - the ### has not shown up in the AM or PM ever.
I see... well, I am trying to do everything in my power to make show up.....

I get on the phone to the transportation department immediately.

Black hole.... blah blah blah blah, leave a message at the beep and I will return your call at me earliest convenience....

Yes, I would appreciate a call back at ***-***-****. The only time I have every spoken to anyone at your office is when someone accidentally picked up the phone. I am trying to get answers to resolve this issue. PLEASE CALL BACK!!

I am pretty sure there was even some stalker like heavy breathing in there because I was really pi$$ed and frustrated at this point.

.... next step.... we go to the transportation distribution center directly.....child, meet bus driver... bus driver, meet child... bus driver, please see key map as highlighted here..... "X" marks where child and parent will be at 7:10 awaiting your arrival - as we have been for a week!!!

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