Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Will you update already?!?!

So I get the sweetest most "loving" question from my sister today..."Will you update your blog already? What?! Do you think this thing is only for you or something?!?!"

Now admittedly, I have to say - I really do think no one comes here - even though the growing stat clicker thingy at the bottom of the web page tells me other wise ( Come on 40,000 hits!!!) and I often get terribly excited when people tell me things about my life that they read about on the blog.

So... thank you... thank you for caring.... thank you for coming... thank you for reading. I suppose if it was terribly boring or controversial or irritating you could just wander away to some other random blog, but you don't.... you come here... and for that I thank you.

So let's tease you about topics to talk about in the upcoming days/weeks/oh who knows, maybe months ...

Swine Flu - Yep - the Jews were right - The pigs really are going to kill us.

My Backyard Swamp Opus - or the story behind why home warranty people should be thrown off very tall bridges.

How Reality TV is going to ruin my REAL life - dealing with my obsession to people watch and how it could possibly lead to me getting arrested for confronting/question really stupid people.

Releasing My First Love - The story behind how my first fiancee FINALLY moved past our long engagement and is now marrying the most incredibly wonderful woman in the world...

I'll even let you vote... what do you want me to talk about? Do you have a topic you think I need to butcher?!?! BRING - IT - ON !!!

Come on you lurkers - you know who you are.... comment.... I DARE YOU!!!

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