Sunday, August 16, 2009

My First Walk Out

I have to say that I tend to be very passionate about things - passionate and some what polarizing. But I can also admit that in MOST cases I am able to at least see the side of the my opposing view. I am the queen of, "We are going to have to agree to disagree!" I love a good debate and have often found myself taking the opposite side of a debate just for the fun the debate - I like the challenge - I like to play Devil's advocate - I like to mix it up.

Well.... let's just say the show that I am in tends to lend itself to the opportunity of political unrest in the audience. There are moments in the show that clearly reflect the liberal views of it's author, but even as it clearly states how the ticket looked after she left the voting booth - it also pokes fun at the fact of how easy it was to drink the koolaid and get caught up in the religious zealous-ness the most recent political atmosphere. Everything is terribly light hearted - quite hilarious (as stated in reviews from the audience, not just my opinion)- and anyone who has ever seen Sesame Street or Saturday Night Live can see, WE ARE MAKING FUN OF OURSELVES!!!

... apparently not to the lovely couple sitting center stage (approx row 4 or 5) at last night's performance.....

We have had solemn faces with slight snickers before, we have even had crossed-armed scowlers sitting in the front row .... but last night was our first walk out. Like - they got up in the middle of the song, shaking their heads in disgust, stomping out of a packed uproarious laughter filled sold out house.

I have to tell you, I was shocked. At first I thought - that woman must REALLY have to pee to get up in the middle of THIS song, but then I realized she was being followed by a gentleman and she was clutching her purse in disgust. My frisky side wanted to meet them at the bottom of the stairs and pull them on stage to embarrass them, but my more conservative side didn't want to ruin the number for the rest of the audience.

Tragic .... truly tragic. I know that people are really upset right now, and we are just this side of a civil war over the health care reform issue - but come on. This isn't CNN - this isn't a Capitol Hill debate - it's theatre - and really funny theatre. If you can't put the bat down for an hour and half, you need to seek a Serotonin equalizer from your health care provider.....oh yeah - "Serotonin" is in our show, too.... have you come to see it yet?!?!

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