Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do ... what to do....

So I warned you people there was a great chance of radio silence here!! Between the regular craziness of work and family, and the new added fun of deciding to break my 10 year strike from the stage, life has been very full... VERY....
My days were going something like this... wake up at 6:00, get the kids to school, get myself to work.... work, work, work... drive 45 minutes home, pick up the kids, call my husband on the cell phone as I was heading around the corner so that he could catch the kids while I slowed down and threw them out of the car, he would throw me tennis shoes and a water bottle, and off I went to rehearsal.
As busy as life was, it was fabulous. It is amazing how even though your life looks outwardly chaotic, the old proverb seems to come true - the more you give, the more you get.
Well... life has settled. We opened the show a couple of weeks ago - to great reviews. I am currently on a 2 week mommy staycation. I have hopes to tackle an ever growing to do list, while at the same time getting some good quality mommy/munchkins time in.

All right people..... three years of AFLAC claims aren't going to get filed on their own.... and Ben is screaming something about Max making the TV in the TV room go black.... oh please do not be broken.... PLEASE DO NOT BE BROKEN!!

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