Monday, August 23, 2010

My Baby's 1st Day of School

He was up at 5:30.

He ran into our bed and snuggled for a few minutes then took off to the bathroom. Next thing I hear is the shower turning on..."Mommy I peed on myself, so I am just gonna take a shower!" Now what this means to my 5 yr old was he dribbled... and therefore it warrants an early morning 30 minute steam shower. Normally I balk at this and tell him to just go and get dressed, but today is special - today is his day - he has 2 hours until the bus arrives.... steam away!
He gets dressed, combs hair, breakfast, back pack, lunch box.... now we have 1 hour until the bus arrives. He comes and sits in my bathroom to watch me get ready.

Mommy..... I'm scared.


I know - and it is okay to be scared today. Of course you are gonna be nervous about new things and taking the bus and new teachers and friends - but I promise you.... as soon as you get there.... you are going to start to have so much fun, you won't even remember that you were scared.

20 minutes until the bus comes....we head outside for 1st day of school pictures.

They start stiff....

...and move to casual...

....and end up just down right silly!

And then we wait....

And then Max kills me with this one:

I hand Ben a note to place in his pocket with all of his information - his name, his teacher, his class - and I instruct him to give it to an adult in case he gets nervous and forgets where to go. NO! I don't need it! Please, angel, for mommy! NO! I won't forget... I may forget the grade, but I won't forget my teacher... and I am just gonna ask someone if they are going to Mrs. K's class and then I will follow them... I am FINE!!

Wait ... is he going to kindergarten or college?

Okay, fine - but let mommy give you her kisses and goodbyes now, in case the bus comes - smoochy, smoochy - and then we hear the screech of the bus tires. I was kissing his cheek and felt him stiffen up.

Bus door opens - he races on so quick I barely get a picture. No chit chat with the bus driver - just straight to the very first seat, very first row. Mike and I say our hello's to the bus driver and introduce Ben, and then the doors close.....

and then he drives away....

....and then I cried and cried and cried......

I cried like the first time I dropped him off at daycare when he was an infant. I cried and said a prayer for all the adults that I am blindly trusting to watch over my angel and get him to where he needs to go.

And then I shook my head, wiped away my tears and begged Max not to tell Ben how much mommy cried, because I told Ben I wouldn't.

Mommy... you always cry....

I know, it is just because I love you and your brother so much!

Fast forward to the after school bus - and like a shot Ben was off the bus again and headed straight past us and into the house....

Ben.... BEN!?!?!

(daddy)... what was on his pants?

What do you mean?

There was a spot on his pants...

Oh no!!

I run inside... and Ben is pee-ing like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds.

Ben - angel... are you okay?

Mommy... a little privacy?

Uhm, okay..... (I head to the kitchen and wait for him)

He walks out of the bathroom, sure enough - with the tell-tale "mark"

Angel - what happened? (motioning to his pants and hoping he is not forever traumatized)

What? (looks down) Oh... I really really had to go on the bus... but its okay! Can we go swimming?

(No trauma)

I don't think he went to the bathroom at all at school. I asked how his day was and he talked non-stop about his new friends and the teachers and all the new rules, and the pictures he drew...all in all, a total success!

... let's see how day 2 goes.....

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