Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby Ben!

My sweet baby Ben,

Here is your story:

Daddy and I decided in the Spring of 2004, that we wanted to leave ourselves open to the opportunity of a new baby brother or sister for Max. We knew that we wanted you guys to be at least 2 years apart. In April, I was having some similar feelings that I had with Max and I remember thinking it would be a great birthday present to find out I was pregnant. So I went to the store and took the test at work. The test didn’t show 2 lines so I quickly stuffed it back into the box and shoved it back into my purse… oh well… maybe next month…

The next night I was working late and I got a call from daddy:

Daddy: I found it….
Mommy: Found what?
Daddy: Hello….IT… I found it….
Daddy: Oh my…. You have no idea…
Mommy: No idea about what? What are you talking about?
Daddy: You know the box you left on the counter? It has 2 lines….
Mommy: WHAT?!?!
Daddy: You heard me…
Mommy: When you are holding it, which direction are the lines going?
Daddy: I know how to read a pregnancy test!

I was through the roof with excitement! I knew immediately that you were a boy. Your name came from the middle names of daddy's daddy, Pops, (Benjamin) and my daddy, Grandpa (Thomas). I knew that you were going to be just as wonderful as your big brother and people would spend the rest of your lives asking if you were twins because you were so close in age. My pregnancy was uneventful until the end. My blood pressure was rising in the same way it did with Max, so my doctor put me on bed rest as a precaution.

You were born on Wednesday, December 08, 2004 at 1:05 pm. I heard you cry and I knew you were perfect. You were 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. We spent a lot of the first few days of your life snuggling together in my hospital bed and getting to know each other. You have been mommy’s snuggle boy ever since. Your favorite place to be is right in each others’ face.

Your red hair, blue eyes and million dollar smile have charmed everyone you have ever met. You have an incredibly sweet disposition and rarely get fussy. You are an observer by nature. You love watching things around you and your favorite thing to watch is your brother. It took you a while to start crawling because you felt there was just no need. Just when we were getting concerned, you flopped over and started following us from room to room…”Is this what you wanted me to do?” You are SO close to walking!! You stand there, start rocking on your toes then plop on your bottom and smile.

You love to dance, your favorite food is oranges, and your favorite toy is whatever toy your brother is currently playing with. You know your boundaries and love to tell everyone around you. You will crawl right up to the Christmas tree, almost touch the ornaments and start violently shaking your head and hands while repeating “nonononononononono” over and over again. When we smile and say, “Yes sir, no no touch”, you smile and wander on to the next exciting thing that has caught your eye.

We are so blessed to have you in our family. I thank God everyday for you and your brother. You have opened my life to so much love that sometimes I feel like I could burst with joy.

Happy 1st Birthday, my baby boy!


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