Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Now that's what I call Christmas!

Blogger note: our DSL has been down on top of all the holiday craziness... I have had this post for over a week just never got around to posting! I had big plans to add pics and all, but it just didn't happen with dial-up.... so better late than never!

Now back to the post!

Let's just say that I got out of my nightgown at 9 PM, threw some clothes on, drove home, and got back into my nightgown and got into bed......but I am getting ahead of myself....

Christmas weekend started on Friday with my boys in tow for a few hours of work (why my daycare was closed I have no idea). Friday night we had a birthday party for Ben with friends and family. Lots of kids, lots of pizza and cake...lots of fun.

Saturday I spent the majority of the day locked in our backroom wrapping presents. My sister called saying that Christmas Children's Mass was at 4:00 not 6:00 so I stop wrapping and do a "chicken with her head cut off" dance trying to get the kids ready 2 hours earlier than scheduled, only to get a call as we are leaving that the church is packed and over flowing 1/2 before the service even starts. We then decide to go to the 6:00 Mass which in fact turned out to be 6:30 so we sat in church for an hour before the service started with two wiggly 3 yr olds and a 6 yr old who wanted to know why that man was strapped up there on that wood thingy....(time for CCE classes I guess).
Saturday night we had dinner, then got the kids into their PJs and took them all in the car to look at the lights in the neighborhood. Did you know you could fit 4 adults and 5 children in a small SUV? We got home and settled everyone down into their make shift bed on the living room floor and put on Polar Express. The kids were out within minutes, but we all stayed up to make sure they wouldn't wake up while we were bringing the presents out. My mother and sister had never seen Polar Express so we watched it through the end. When it was over, all four of us satred to bring the presents in and place them under the tree when the grandfather clock started to chime that it was midnight... we all stopped in our tracks and my sister said, "No way" and the same time that my mom said " Oh my gosh... Santa is here!" We all teared up at the irony!
Christmas day.... an explosion of 5 children's gifts everywhere... Darth Vader mask, leap pads, power touch books, Cinderella'a stage coach, etc.... the house was filled with blinky flashy lights, singing and talking toys. The only fighting was with the two 1yr olds. No one could tell who won, but there was alot of crying and slapping.
Had lunch, took a nap, laid around some more... packed everyone up and came home...
All in all a lovely restful Christmas!

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