Monday, April 09, 2007

Where shall we start...

It's not the GREAT FLOOD....but definitely flooding is a theme in my life right now. I am going to use these symbols of flood as a sign of the destruction of the old, the water representing my need to be fluid and flexible with change, and then nourishing to the new.....

Have you thrown up from all the BS yet?

SO... a few weeks ago we had a torrential downpour come through our town. 5:30 AM, big thunder, big lightening, big rain! Mike left to the new house before me and the boys, and I get a phone call.... get dressed and bring the camera....NOW. I walk into puddles in my new living room. Great... we barely own the house 3 weeks and I have my 1st insurance claim. Brilliant.

I am choosing to see this as a blessing. We had just ripped out the tile floor, but we had not put down the new laminate. This will however delay the moving in process slightly, since now we are going to have to fix the problem.

Today - I get the kids to school and see that the windows are all wide open, and there are lots of trucks everywhere and no lights on inside. Great..... I am greeted at the door by the owner who proceeds to tell me that a hot water heater burst sometime over the weekend, flooding the entire school and bascially destroying everything 2 feet and down..... it is a daycare...everything is 2 feet and down. My heart just broke for them. You could tell they were devastated. They were able to move all the kids across the street for the day, but then they were going to have to move all the kids around to other daycares.

Once again, this is a big picture moment for me. I am very attached to this daycare... I love them and they have loved my children since they were born. But it is not close to where we live now. We really should move them to someplace closer to our new home. I was hoping to wait until Big Red got into kindergarten. I was avoiding it. I don't like change. But it makes no sense for my children to move to another daycare (even further away) for an unknown amount of time, go back to the old daycare, then move again later. So today I went looking for another school.... and to no fault of their own, none of them are as good as MY school just because of the simple fact that it is not MY school.

Oh... change.... my dear sweet annoying friend, Change. You and I are gonna have to figure out a way to get a long. You are obviously not going anywhere (or are you always going somewhere?)..... so I am just going to have to find a place for you in my life....just as soon as everything dries out......

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