Monday, March 26, 2007

Not Lost...

... just trapped under a pile of debris. We have owned our house for 2 weeks now and this is the update:
  • Rec'd many quotes for new kitchen countertops, came up with many possible design options and agreed upon a steal of a deal thank's to my oldest friend Bekah (and by oldest I mean, I have known her longer than any other friend - since first grade). Her husband was able to help us out with a great deal on granite, so I am terribly excited. Who knew that late night gossip and playing with make-up would prosper to such possibilities!?!
  • We have purchased the floor we plan to put in and have managed to rip out 1/2 the floor that's gotta go. I am feeling optimistic in a glass is half full sort of way. We have managed to get a good deal done, but I know the parts that are left are gonna be more difficult than the parts we have already done.
  • My mom and I worked our patooters off in the yard. It is a beautiful huge yard with very mature landscaping. Just beautiful. But there is a lot of it and if we let it go anymore with the spring bloom, it would have gotten out of control! So we did a lot of weeding, cutting, and fertilizing, and then we set up the furniture outside. We have nothing inside, but the outside is gorgeous!
  • Mike took out the wall between our kitchen and breakfast area, so now it is one huge kitchen. It is so great it took my breath away. As I stood back watching my husband with a power tool destroying that wall, I wished we weren't staying in the same room as our children and mother's house...wink wink!

So... we've had lot's of demo and a little prettying up, but all in all I think we are headed in a great direction. The house in my mind is going to be so great! I know it is going to take a while, but it is going to be so worth it!

I promise... lot's of before and after pics to come.....Ihave not clue when, but by gosh when it is done, they'll be here!

I forgot to mention that we christened the pool... and not intentionally either. The boys just couldn't handle being outside all day and not touching the water, so we let them touch the water... then they had to get their feet wet, Mom and I look up to see Max barefoot and struggling to get Ben's socks off (proud that he was including his brother, not proud of the action). Then we sat them on the side were the steps are and let them splash their feet. Well, if they let me touch the water, and then let me splash my feet in the water, what's wrong with touching the water and splashing my feet at the same time!!!! Well, Max had the coordination skills to do both, but Ben did not and "splash" into the pool he went then floated up to the top! He was wearing overalls so Mike was able to bend over and sweep him up out of the water. He was sobbing crying, and sopping wet. I ran inside to find a box with towels in it and came out to a naked crying baby repeating over and over, da pool, da pool, fell da pool, I fell da pool.... I grabbed him and dried him and said... "well, now it is decided, we get the pool fence!"

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