Thursday, March 01, 2007


So I have been sunbathing on the river bed of that big beautiful river in Egypt lately. I am not acknowledging the fact that I will close on the houses 1 week from today. I am not yet indulging in the fact that the movers will arrive at 8:00 am next Friday. I have not even begun to embrace the fact that I will be required to completely vacate my residence for the past 5 years in 48 hours.

So , I tapped my toe in the water today, and started making the calls to transfer services and what do I find out? My current telephone/internet/blah blah package is not valid at my new is valid 4 DOORS DOWN.... but not at MY house. Am I upset that I am changing address? losing my current phone number? I am flipping out that I am going to have to change my email address!!! It is so silly, but now days, more people can find you via email than anything. The idea that my email is changing is killing me!


And a big fat juicy wet kiss to my loving husband.... 'cause if it wasn't for the fact that he has worked his pattooters off packing the house while I rest along the river, we would never get out of this house!

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