Monday, March 03, 2008

The path to enlightenment is never an easy one.....

I have decided that I am going to participate in Oprah's latest adventure .

This is an online series for the next 10 weeks and it relates to a book called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. Well... if I am gonna participate, I should read the book, right? Right....

Yesterday, I am out and about shopping at various places. Oh yeah... I gotta get that book! I am at Sam's wholesale wandering the book aisles but no luck. Oh well, perhaps it is more of an underground kind of book.

I stop at Borders books - ask the employee at the little desk - "Uhm, so sorry ma'm, I just gave her our final copy." Another employee sighs and says, "That is so weird, we just had a rush on those the past few days." I tell them about the Oprah webinar and then I head out the door.

Off to Barnes and Noble - "Well, ma'm... we can add you to the list to hold a copy for when it comes in..."

Crap... maybe more people are doing this than I thought would do this......

Half Price Books - Nope

Kroger - I see a small turny kiosk near the check out with best sellers on it. I start to look and I see a woman rush up next to me and search up and down frantically. I get up and head down the aisle where the rest of the books are and she follows and passes me. Clearly we are looking for the same thing. We are looking in the same places and sighing and moving on once we see that blank spot where you can tell the book used to be.

Think, Rebecca - Think.... where would they sell bestseller books...because apparently this IS a bestseller, can't keep it on the shelf, kind of book???

Walgreen's?!?!? Nada

Target? - I doubt it... if these other places were out, I am SURE Target would be out.....

WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! I could see the beautiful orange cover from 4 aisles away. I quickly grab 2 copies and call a friend who I think would be interested in reading this to make sure she had a copy. She has had a copy for awhile, so I can release my clutch and replace one of the books.

Anyway... I have the book... it is lovely... I am really looking forward to this journey and I hope to share some of it with you here. If you are taking the same journey, please let me know, I would love to discuss it with you! Here is a video about it just to give you a little idea about what it is about:

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