Monday, February 25, 2008

I, TOO, am training to be a superhero....

It was a foggy morning in metropolis. I was on my way to my undercover day job behind the desk. My super sensitive mommy radar detected a disturbance in the force as I was driving, and just ahead of me I noticed 4 beautiful dogs all attached to one walking leash running madly on the sidewalk, a cocker spaniel, a lab-like puppy, a beagle, and a chiuaua - all the same auburn and white coloring. I followed them slowly and looked around to see if there was an owner chasing from behind out of breath. I was hoping this would be an easy "save the day", but as a superhero, you gotta do what you gotta do.

At one point they realized I was tracking them and they reversed direction. I, too reversed direction, not bothering to use my radar to detect if anyone was behind me which they were. They managed to use their superhero honker horn to alert me of this potential fatal error. Luckily chaos was averted - and potential bumper damage. My new honker honker horn superhero friend stopped and offered aid in my quest. We grabbed the leash and while I translated care and concern through "Das a gud puppa.... good puppas..... gooooooooodd puuuhhhhhpaaaaaaahhhhhhs!!" she grabbed her cell phone and started calling the several numbers on the tags.

No answers anywhere.... dagnabbit..... foiled.... what to do?!?!? what to do?!?!?

We get a phone call back. "Ray" is supposed to be watching all the dogs. "Ray" lives near where we are. "Ray" is an elderly diabetic.

Okay... now there may be a bigger story here than just a puppy rescue. There is a potential sick man somewhere around here who could have collapsed while walking his dogs. We find out where this man lives. I call my office and have them direct me to his house. We will start there and try to figure out how the puppies got from there to where we found them.

Luckily, we did not have to. As we approach his house, we see him in his pajamas and a coat looking for the dogs, just in the opposite direction of where they went. He thanked us over and over and over problem sir... all in a days work....

Now I smell like wet puppy.....

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