Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did I mention Ben is training to be a Superhero?

Ahhhhh... let us back up a little then.....

Well, we have discussed previously that Ben has no fear... well he is scared of the dark, but that is different.... he has no fear in his physical limitations. He pretty much throws himself down slides, climbs the highest peaks and jumps off of them.... yadda yadda .....

The other night he was jumping on our bed. It was more like flinging himself onto the pillows he had stacked in the middle. The "good mother" part of me started to stop him because we do not jump on beds, but then I realized what he was doing. He wasn't just jumping up and down, he wasn't just falling forward, he was flinging his feet behind him, reaching his arms in front of him, pausing in the air and allowing gravity to bring him down. He did this a few times in rapid succession, and I got Mike's attention who was showering Max. I gave big eyes to Mike, like, LOOK AT WHAT OUR CHILD IS DOING!!!! He then comes closer and Ben realizes we are watching him. He doesn't stop, he proceeds to tell me exactly what he is doing " You see mommy..(pant pant pant), I haff to keek my feet like dis...(pant, jump)... and then I go down!

Okay... my child is trying to fly......

Today, he is getting out of the car. Normally he gets out of his chair and either jumps to the ground or sits down and wiggles out of the car. Today, he gives me his evil flirty eyes and the next thing he does is place both hands on the top of the door and flings the door further open with his force, dangles from the door for a moment then releases his grip and falls the floor.

Apparently this is practice for when he is dangling off the side of a building while saving the day.

I think I need to get this child into gymnastics classes.

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