Friday, February 15, 2008

Last night at our house.....

Last night was a night where everyone was in their own room doing their own thing kind of nights. I was in my bedroom watching television. Max wanders in and heads into the bathroom. He takes care of his business and the next thing you know he has gotten undressed and turned the shower on and gotten in. I am not exactly clear if daddy has sent him in to do this (which happens a lot) or if he has chosen to do this on his own. What is remarkable this time is that he was in his own little world the entire time. He did not even acknowledge my existance or request my assistance.

It happened to be at a crucial part of my TV show so I let him stand in the shower for a bit, and then I thought...he can do this himself. So I grab the towel off the rack and open the shower door:

Me: Buddy, you think you could take care of all of this by yourself tonight?
Max: (looks at me with this empty stunned expression)...uhm.. well... I can't wash my back....
Me: Okay, how about I wash your back, but can you take care of the rest?
Max: Uhm, ... yeah... Yes, YES I CAN!

So I leave him and go back to my TV show. The next thing you know, he has showered, dried himself off, put his PJs on, brushed his teeth and COMBED HIS HAIR!!! He then walks in front of me and presents himself with arms wide open in a "TA DA!"

Mommy: Max ... I am so proud of you!! That was a very big boy thing of you to do and I want to thank you for doing it so well!!
Max: Uhm, mommy... now that I am a big boy and can do it all by myself... can I take a shower by myself in my own shower upstairs?
Mommy: Yes, angel... this weekend when we go to the store, you can pick out the soap and shampoo for your shower.

He grins from ear to ear and high tails it out of the room - 10 feet taller and off to tell daddy all about it!

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