Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did you really just say that?!?!

Things I have heard or read in the past few days:

I pass a church on the way to work that always has one of those clever biblical sayings like, if you think it's hot now, try hell.... or something like that... Well, this week has the following inspiration:

Don't be so open minded, your brains will fall out!

Uhm, yeah....

And then while relaxing in my bed watching the evening news, a popular car dealership has a commercial with it's typical spokesperson trying to sell their big heavy duty trucks and SUVs....

"We are slashing prices on all of our over stock.... when you are buying our trucks for this little, you will be able to afford hundreds of gallons of gas!"

Did he just pathetically beg me to buy his truck that they KNOW is a gas guzzler and try to justify it with if your payments are low, the horrible gas prices won't seem that bad?!?!

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