Sunday, July 06, 2008

Flying Elephants, Weddings, and Belly Dancers....Oh My!!!

Well.... what an adventure we had in California!

We arrived on Monday with little excitement. Tuesday we decided to jump right in and head to Disneyland. I have to say it was perfect for the age of our family. It had just what we could do ( and tolerate) with a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old.

Wednesday, we headed to the beach, Corona Del Mar. This is where I got it... I got the California bug. The stunning beautiful beach houses over looking the amazing beaches while looking at the gorgeous sail boats in the distance. Every house had been featured on HGTV or in Better Homes and Gardens. The flowers were breath taking and in perfect bloom. And did I mention that it felt like the air was air conditioned??? And it was July 2nd?!?!?! That night we headed into West LA to have dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. They had a belly dancer there and everyone was tipping her. We were trying to get all the kids to get up and dance with her, but no one would move. I leaned over to Ben and asked if he would dance with her and he said, "No, mommy, I can't!! She is sooooo beautiful!"

Thursday we headed to San Diego. On the journey there the temp went from 85 to 68 to around 72 once we got to the zoo. It was quite an experience. I expected the up and downhills, but I did not expect the steep mountain climbing. It wasn't until half way through the day that I realized the map lead you on paths up and down and the not so steep paths to the did you remember your rock climbing gear paths.

Friday was the wedding....oh the wedding.... it was just beautiful. Start to finish it was amazing. The boat was amazing, the theme was great, the couple was beautiful. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

Saturday we had a wedding brunch, then headed home. We were all so exhausted from our whirlwind trip that Max and I slept until 11:00 and Ben slept until NOON!!! We spent the rest of today in our pool relaxing and enjoying the last day of our vacation. I know I should have done laundry or made it to the store, but my gumption and get up was broken, so lounging in the bathing suit was the best I could do!!

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