Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How is it possible...?

How is it possible that on the same day - within 10 minutes of each other - there are two news stories so related yet so polarizing.

We start with news of a soldier arrested for not deploying with her fellow troops because she had no one to watch her 10 month old child. Her child plans, which she is obligated to have by the military, fell through, and she was advised to surrender her child to foster care. Rather than do that - she stayed behind and she was arrested and now her child is in foster care anyway.

We move to a story of a mother arrested on the day her child is found dead in a wooded area. The woman is being charged with selling her 5 year old child into sex slavery.

Two women - two mothers. One serving her country and refusing to abandon her child. One living off of her country who abandoned her child in the most horrific way. Both now in jail.

Two stories.... 10 minutes... how is this possible.....

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