Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two new Max Stories...

Story # 1 - This morning Max was clearly suffering from a little cabin fever. He has seen enough TV, could care less about his DS, has no interest in his legos. I am working on the Christmas decorations when he flops himself on the couch in the formal living room and says (totally straight face),
Mommy... I need to get wet...
I need to get wet.. I am drying up.
Uhm, okay - well... you can't get into the pool, the water is too cold.
Well.. I need a bath or a shower or something... I am drying up.

So I stopped what I was doing and drew him a bath where he sat and "moistened" for a while. I guess my child is turning into a fish. And no that is not a pic of Max - he has not turned into a small Asian dark haired child!

Story # 2 - Last night we were watching Land of the Lost - the new one. And the Will Farrell character kept referring to a "sideways" warp in time where past present and future are there all at the same time. So we are sitting there watching when all of a sudden Max goes:

Wait wait wait - pause it, pause it, pause it, I got it... there are three things, get it??? three things - past, present, and future. So the dinosaurs are our past, the humans are our present and the aliens are the future! And that is why there is always three moons in the back!!! New moon- past, crescent moon - present, full moon - future!! See past present and future moons!!!! Get it?!?! Get it?!?!

Well, Max, I am glad you are paying that much attention to this movie, because I assure you, mommy and daddy are not!!

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