Sunday, July 10, 2005

One of My Worst Mommy Fears

So, one of my worst mommy fears came true on Friday.
We have already established in previous posts that I tend to be a Shirly McLaine, "Terms of Endearment" type mom. One of my biggest fears is not hearing them in the shower or when I am drying my hair. I always check on them right before and right after these activities. I just know that if their little worlds are going to come crashing down,I am sure that it is going to happen during this brief time.. okay.. maybe not too brief, I do have a lot of hair, after all. I am sooo paranoid that I truly believe that I hear things through the hair dryer noise and I am constantly cutting the hair dryer off, listening for chaos, then continuing with my beauty ritual.
Friday the ritual occurs as usual, only this time, my fear comes true. I cut off my hair dryer to hear Max wailing in the living room. I run into the room to find him face down on the floor, nothing moving except his head which is emitting the <"This really hurts" wail and not the "I fell again and I want to see if I can con mommy out of a popsicle" whine. I swoop him up into my shoulder to comfort him. I pull him away so that I can ask him what hurts and he flips out because my shoulder is not covered in blood.
Oh, shit...please don't let this be bad...
We calmly go to the kitchen so that I can clean him up and see where the blood is coming from. Luckily, the majority of the damage is just snot and tears mixed wit the blood that is coming out of his nose. Nothing broken, nothing harmed...thank goodness.
This could have led me to one of my other fears...having to call an ambulence when you are naked and dripping wet. 'Cause if you had to call the ambulence while you are still naked and wet, then it is serious enough that you can't walk away from the patient long enough to get dressed... but I will leave this dilema for another post.

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