Monday, July 04, 2005

What a Weekend!!

Oh what a fun weekend! I am taking the opportunity to get this in now while the memories are still fresh. The kids are napping (yes the post time is correct, it is almost 7:00 PM... I think we are hoping that they will sleep straight through until moring after the busy weeekend we have had!)
Friday, Max had a petting zoo at school which he flipped over! Then Friday night the K5 crew (my sister and her kids) came to spend the weekend.
Saturday, family wedding with all the kids and all the extended relatives. Lots and lots of fun. Max was quite the Mack Daddy (separate post, I promise...with pics)
Sunday, brunch with the extended family!
Monday, neighborhood parade, followed by slip 'n slide and water balloons while Mike fired up the grill!
I am too tired to be wordy so here are the pics...
...possibly too tired for fireworks other than on TV..we will have to see...

Max slippin and slidin... Posted by Picasa

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