Thursday, August 25, 2005

Little Miracles

About 10 years ago I bought the coolest little box. It was called "Little Miracles". Inside are little cards with thoughts, quotes, lyrics, etc. to open whenever you need a little miracle. I have kept it in my bedside table and it has never let me down when I have needed a little hope or inspiration. I thought I would start sharing my little miracles with you... just in case you needed one...

So here is what I pulled out today:

So maybe I have been focusing way too much on the ending of things... I have 2 very beautiful evergreens that are growing way too fast and I need to start focusing on them. I would like to open myself up to more evergreens... not the kind with diapers and late night breast feeding, but other opportunities to grow and fill my soul. I am very empty. The past few years have been a whirl wind of fast moving rivers filling my soul then quickly emptying out into the large ocean of life. Things go through my soul so quickly and with so much intensity that the only thing I focus on are the marks, scars and debris that is left in my banks after the rapids passed. I want to slow the river down so I can have the opportunity to camp out on my banks, enjoy the view, fill my soul with good times, inspiration, and lots of pictures of the evergreens.

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