Monday, August 22, 2005


On my 15th birthday, my sister paid ofr me to get a haircut. It was with this really cool guy that she had been going to named Peter. That was fifteen years ago. Since then, my mother sister and I have been to see him 3, 4 even 5 times a year. It is an hour that we look forward to for weeks (because in that 15 years he has gotten very popular and sometimes it takes that long to get an appointment). He has made us beautiful through weddings, births, even deaths. Right before I left for New York, I made hima promise that if I ever made it famous and was going to a big awards ceremony, I was going to fly him in to to do my hair.
That little dream will never come true.
He died on Thursday. He was 39 years old. He was such a fabulous guy! He was married for 15 years and had a beautiful little 4 year old girl.

He was so damn cool.... death pisses me off sometimes!

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