Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Bells of Christmas

My favorite holiday decoration has always been the sleigh bells that my mother would hang on our front and back doors. The moment I heard them chime as they were pulled out of the box, you knew it was Christmas. It was such a beautiful sound, and I can remember getting excited every night hearing them chime as my mom and dad would get home from work.
This Christmas was no different. We helped my mother take her decorations down from the attic and brighten her home with the Christmas spirit. I was sitting at the table when I heard my beloved bells get pulled from their box. I smiled at my sister as I heard them shaking loud as one of the kids carried them into the house..."It's official... Christmas is here...." The kids helped decorate Grandma's tree with lots of excitement. My heart is bursting because they get it.... they understand the excitement of Christmas.
We had such a lovely weekend. We ended the weekend with family movie night. Mike and I had picked up Polar Express, a movie that combined all of our favorite things...Christmas for me and trains the boys. We had never seen it and were very excited to snuggle up after a long weekend. From the moment the train pulled into the front yard of the little boy's house, Max was hooked. I have never seen my son so involved in every detail of a movie before. He talked about the train, the little boy, how the little girl helped the little boy, the Christmas tree and Kanta Claus (we haven't quite mastered out "sss" sound yet). Ben was just as engaged. He loved the pictures and danced to the music. At one point they were so engaged in a song the children were singing, I started to weep. I looked over at my husband and he too, was just as moved. Just when I thought that the excitement couldn't grow anymore, Santa arrived. Max was almost out of his skin with excitement. And when I thought I couldn't take anymore, the little boy was chosen to get the first Christmas gift. And what did he ask for?.... a sleigh bell.
On this weekend of anniversaries, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am thankful for a wonderful husband, my beautiful boys, my amazing mother and sister, my adorable niece and nephews, and my extended family of friends. I wish you all the beauty and spirit of the upcoming holidays. I thank you for all the wonderful memories this year and look froward to making new ones over the next few weeks, months and years.

Sleigh Bells ring.... are you listening?!?!?

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