Thursday, November 10, 2005


So apparently in "Perfect" you have to get a credit check and prove you have never been in rehab before you can get cold medicine for your 11 month old.

Since when did "over-the-counter" medicines go back over the counter to the Pharmacy?

Last night I stopped for some pediacare, I went to the normal section where I find children's medications, but this time I find a little card; "Please see pharmacy to obtain this item".

So I take the card and stand in line behind the other 5 people who are standing in line with cards and puzzled & pissy looks on their faces. It is finally my turn and I preset my card and she asks for my ID. Excuse me? I know I am not ancient but I surely do not look like some spring chick-a-dee either. She takes my ID and pulls out this huge binder and flips through to some secret section follows down the many names over several pages while looking at my ID. She does not find my name so she gets to the end and starts to write my information down and the information concerning the medicine I am picking up. She then turns the binder around and slams the pen down and says, "Sign here". So I start looking up to the top and she gets pissy with me and says, "I said SIGN HERE" I informed her that I am not going to sign anything without reading what the hell I am signing, and by the way you could show a little customer service and explain whay I must go through a 5 minute process to get childrens' cold medicine! "Oh, we have been doing this for months now" "No, you haven't.. I live 4 blocks from here and I am in here all the time"

So turns out, you now have to be 18 and over to by cold medicine. You can only purchase a small amount and only over a certain time period.

I realize that we need to crack down on the meth houses and creative teen addicts, but perhaps we need to come up with something more effective than writing down driver's license numbers and pissing off the rest of us who don't abuse the system. I am sorry, here is a little of my "Right" side coming out. I feel for all those with addictions and life struggles, but I am not willing to sacrifice my time when I know that addicts will get their fix anyway they can... this little speed bump just makes them have to think a little harder or stop at a few more stores. And last time I checked, no one was writing down ID for cigarettes or alchohol.

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