Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pre-birthday slumber party

Kameron ( my nephew) is over for a pre-birthday slumber party. So far we have had Burger King with Star Wars kid toys, bath itme in the dark with light sabers (glow sticks), we have watched Stars Wars (the original or episode IV, however you care to acknowledge it)and participated in fight scenes with our light sabers (again, glow sticks). Max has already informed me that tommorrow's birthday party cake should be a Star Wars cake (too bad, we picked Incredibles when we ordered it 3 days ago) and it is now 10:50 and we are starting Star Wars 2, or Episode V....
We have had lollipop rings, popcorn, cheetos, soda and mandarin oranges...
... let's see how far we get into this movie.....

update per village idiot
first one (max) went out at the beginning of the battle for hoth
second (kameron)was out by the end of the battle
guess we'll have to wait for their recreation of the luke vs vader light saber duel

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