Friday, February 03, 2006

To those of you in sales.....

Let us just begin this post by saying, I am not a salesperson... I have never been a sales person... I could never be a sales person. I have been on the other side of sales for a lot of my working life.

Let me start by asking a question.... do you really accomplish selling anything by "popping by", calling daily, emailing constantly and over all harrassing the would be customers that you are persuing? Do you really think that I WANT to engage in business relationship with someone who is constantly inmy face?

My next question is... do you actually know anything about that which you are marketing? What it is that I do? How the answers to the two previous questions compare?

AND LASTLY.... do NOT show up with your executives at my door and ask for me to to praise you in front of them because THAT is NOT going to happen......

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