Monday, February 27, 2006

Walk of the Penguins

Did I pick the wrong movie? Was there a different title to the cute little movie that they advertised as the family sleeper of the year? Ya know the commercial... the kids and parents in the movie theater exiting from seeing the "cutest film ever" and waddling around looking like over-stuffed carnival dolls?

Cause that was NOT the movie I put on for me and my family Friday night!

The movie I saw had Morgan Freeman narrating a film about penguins anguish and how often "most will not make it" with horrible shots of eggs freezing while penguins looked on, adult penguins dying for the cold, mommy and daddy penguins who "are literally starving", baby penguins being attacked by birds of prey, and some of the ones who survived that freezing on the snow because of the mother of all blizzards", mothers so depressed from their loss they tried to steal other babies and the mad rush attack from the other mother penguins who are "not going to let that happen".

It was like the "Shawshank Redemption" of animal documentaries....

... Don't worry, angel.... those penguins are just so sleepy from the cold they laid down to take a long nap.......

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