Sunday, March 19, 2006

Every cell is throbbing.....

So this weekend we worked on stage 2 of the 3 stage process concerning the outside of our house. As you saw in the earlier post, we have already re-potted a bunch of plants to go on our patio. This weekend Mike and I rented a tiller and worked our flower beds in the front and tilled the entire back yard to prepare it for sod. We stared at 8:00 am...(okay, so Mike stared at 6:30 when he left to get the tiller...first come first serve and all) We finally stopped at 8:00 pm last night (planting plants in the front flower bed while Max held a flashlight for me). Now before everyone jumps on me for late night planting, we were supposed to get a nasty storm today (nothing yet) and it was window of opportunity before all of the freshly ground dirt turned into mud soup. Ben was breaking my heart because as I was on my hands and knees putting plants in the ground, he would come right in front of me, sit down, lay his head on my chest and start hugging me.
Then today we worked a little more prepping the back yard. We were hopping the tilling was going to cover up some holes in the back, but it looks like we are going to have to get some soil to lay out before we sod.
Every cell in my body hurts... it is even killing me to type this blog, but I have been absent recently and I hate it when there are big gaps in my journal. When I go back and read them, I always think.... what the hell was going on during that time?

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