Saturday, November 10, 2007

Google Images of me....

This may be a long one, so please hang in there. The game is to answer the questions by googling the answer in google image and posting one of the results:

1. Age on your next birthday:
2. Place you would like to visit:
3. Favorite place:
4. Favorite object:
5. Favorite food:
6. Favorite animal:
7. Favorite color:
8. Town you were born in:
9. Town you live:
10. Past pet:
11. Past love:
12. Best friend's nickname (2 for me):

13. Screen name or nickname:
14. First name:
15. Middle name:
16. Last name:
17. Bad habit:
18. First job:
19. Grandmother's name:
20. College Major:

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