Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half way there....

So we are on day 15 of this NaBloPoMo journey, and so far we are successful.

Today landed us at the pediatrician's office. Through an unfortunate series of events, including asking my husband to make the appt and somehow we end up with the wrong doc, we discovered that both of our little pumpkins have tested positive for strep. Neither one of them had any symptoms other than runny noses and Ben having a large tonsil that was not bothering him. The bad news was we were trying to make it to see my grandparents for a thanksgiving visit this weekend, the good news, she gave them a shot so they would recover quickly. The bad news was THEY HAD TO GET A SHOT, the good news, we don't have to wrestle Max to the floor and force feed antibiotics for 10 days. The bad news was THEY HAD TO GET A SHOT and CRIED so hard they made me lose my mind and offer a trip to the store to get new toys just so they would forgive me, the good news, transformers aren't that expensive at Target. For the record... I do not have the transformer gene.... I do not have the boy gene that can figure out how to go from car to fighting robot to car again.

Root canal yesterday. It was a blessed welcome. I actually looked forward to the needles and drilling just to relieve the pain that kept me up the night before, trying to sleep in an upright position.

I am tired... the boys are tired..... I am going to go take a nap with my strep infected children.... conveniently I am on antibiotics for the root canal infection and Mike is on them for the other issues he was having, so we should all be good for awhile.

By the by.... the test scheduled for Mike today was cancelled. Other tests revealed he had a bug and the medicine seemed to clear it up well. The MD did suggest that he felt there was a chronic condition that he has probably had his entire life that was agitated by this bug, but since Mike has managed to control it and it does not interfere with quality of life issues, the MD just doesn't want to label him with a disease and start him on a series of drugs that he doesn't need just yet. He said, he can't say that we won't be down this road again, but for now, let's just let it be.

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